Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest problem is the environmental pollution, caused by leather tanning. For each bag, an animal has to die. Afterwards, the skin needs to be treated, this process is called ‘leather tanning’. Leather tanning is one of the most important, and also the most controversial step in the leather process. The chrome process is used for over 85% of the used leather, but is also very polluting. Those toxins find their way to nature, through the production and drainage of the chrome. 

Chrome can be very harmful and deadly for fish and other living organisms when it finds its way into our water supply. Chrome can also be toxic for humans, when inhaling it through the air or drinking contained water. People who work in leather tanning factories often develop asthma, bronchitis or even cancer. More often than not, leather tanning happens in factories in poor countries, where the workers don’t have protective clothes, so their bare skin is exposed to the chemicals. Furthermore; the water used in the process - and polluted after - is dumped in rivers and water sources, used by others for gathering drinking water. 

Leather tanning causes a lot of damage to man and nature, in the short and long term. Choose vegan, cruelty-free leather instead; go to our shop

Fast fashion is - as the term already says - fast, transient fashion. Different brands produce tons of clothing and fashion items, made in abysmal circumstances and of low quality, so they can sell those items at a low price. This process causes a lot of problems: low wages, pitiful working conditions, pollution and a huge waste mounting.

Slow fashion is the exact opposite of fast fashion: the clothes are produced by companies that ensure good working conditions and give the workers a fair wage. The quality of the materials is outstanding, which ensures that you, the customer, can enjoy their fashion items even longer, and the fabrics don’t contain harmful chemicals. On top of that, the waste mounting decreases because the items can be used much longer and don’t need to be replaced after wearing it a few times. The slow fashion movement is coming, and that’s something we should all praise.

A vegan handbag is a handbag that doesn’t contain animal leather. The leather is often replaced by a much better plant-based leather or synthetic fabrics. Some brands go further and also look into the durability of their products. MADIVA is one of those brands: our vegan handbags are completely cruelty-free, and our packaging is sustainable. Our bags are produced in Bangladesh, in a factory that offers job certainty to women, pays fair wages and guarantees safe work conditions.

Cactus leather is approximately 90% plant-based. All our bags are fabricated with plant-based leather, or faux leather, from Nopal cactus leather. This is very durable and environmentally friendly, organic faux-leather.

Nopal cactus leather is PVC-free, 100% biological and free of pesticides and herbicides. This plant just needs some natural rain water to grow and harvest and stays intact until the next harvest. The leaves dry in the sun, so there is no need for extra energy in the production process of this faux leather. Cactus leather is, in comparison with animal and synthetic leathers, durable, elastic and breathable.

MADIVA uses plant based, durable and biodegradable cactus leather

The materials are biodegradable under anaërobic, thermophilic conditions. The percentage of biodegradability varies between materials, depending on its formulation.

The materials get their color in a natural way from organic pigment and naturally produced cactus chlorophyll. They don’t contain toxic chemicals or PVC.

Innovative circumstances and safer chemicals create a safer production and work environment

The polyurethaan that we use is water-based and solvent-free. That’s why our bags consume less energy and water. They don’t contain solvents and, as a result, don’t cause any damage to the people who fabricate them.

There are no emission issues during the production process. The synthetic agent is water and the only emission is the steam or water vapor.

We sell wallets, small and big handbags and laptop bags. Stylish, elegant designs for women who want to change the world.

Discover our vegan handbags via our webshop.

You can find our vegan handbags in our webshop, where you can order your favorite bag.

Yes, you can return any item for free within 14 days.

The price depends on the model: the prices go from 100 euros to 300 euros per bag.

Shipping and returns
Shipping is free within Europe. The return costs of 3,99 euros will be deducted from the amount paid. Please note: returns are only possible if this is done within 14 days of receipt.
The delivery time is 2 days.

International Shipments

Shipments outside Europe are possible: shipping costs of 14,99 euros will be charged for this. Any additional customs costs are for the customer. If you want to return a package, there are return costs of 14,99 euros.

We offer free international shipping on all orders over €100.

All orders are shipped from Belgium via one of our shipping partners within 1-3 business days of placing the order. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a tracking number by email so you can track your order.

If the customer wants to return an item, he must contact Madiva. We will then create a return slip for the customer. This will be sent by email. The return slip can be printed by the customer, after which it can be placed on top. After that, 3,99 euros will be deducted from the total amount of the returned items.