The origin of MADIVA

The name MADIVA has a special meaning; the founder’s grandmother used to call her granddaughter ‘madiva’. She was passionated about fashion and created clothes for the women in Africa. She had hoped that one of her daughters would inherit her passion, but neither of them wanted to follow her footsteps. Luckily, her granddaughter did love fashion as much as she did. Divine inspired her grandmother to create clothes for kids and became her model. They had so much fun doing so. Her grandmother used to call her ‘madiva’, which means ‘my diva’.

“I still have that same passion for beauty and fashion as I did when I was little. That’s why I want to make my grandmother proud by using the name MADIVA for my brand. She is and forever will be my inspiration. MADIVA is much more than solely a brand: it’s passion, a true story, love, purity and happiness. I’m so proud to have the honor of using and carrying this name and sharing it with you.” 

- Divine

MADIVA represents all divas, every woman who wants to embody passion, power and beauty. 

Our mission

Beautiful designs with a powerful mission 

Our mission 

It’s our mission to produce luxurious, trendy handbags, without harming animals or people. That’s why we use plant-based materials and work with organizations who help and support people, by ensuring equal payments and investing in a healthy work environment.


We support charities who symbolize our values and mission. We donate at least 5% of our profit to charities.

We create a better future by supporting charities that support women and children in need and poverty. We donate at least 5% of our profit. Every year, we select and support a different charity. That way, we can support more charities and really create an impact.

We can’t solve every issue in the world, but we can do our part in creating a better future and planet.

Our Production

Redesigning the fashion industry

Our handbags are fabricated with vegan, biodegradable leather, without toxic chemicals.The vegan leather feels and looks very good, you can’t see or feel the difference between real leather and our plant-based leather. We use plant-based leather that offers a wide range of purposes and complies with the strongest quality norms and environmental regulations. 

Redesigning the fashion industry

For fabricating our vegan handbags, we work with a company in Bangladesh. They support women by giving them fair wages and ensuring good work conditions for them, while making our vegan handbags.

We support charities who support women and children. We donate at least 5% of our profit to charities.

Every bag tells a story

Our vegan handbags tell a story; the story of a better, clean world. A world where we can wear beautiful, luxurious bags without harming animals.

You are what you wear

How do you want to appear? What would you like to represent? Your appearance and looks reflect your character and mission. Show your power with one of our handbags and show the world that elegance and affordable slow fashion go hand in hand. 

Design, elegance and heart

Our bags are luxurious, elegant and eco-friendly. Beauty in its purest form.